Get 3 New High-Quality Clients Per Month Without Donating to the "Facebook Fund" or Messing Around with Confusing Tech
This is fun:
  •    Getting messages that tell me “you’ve changed my business."
  •   Having a predictable and proven way of bringing in qualified leads when I need them.
  •   Spending time serving my clients instead of worrying about where the next one will come from.
  •   Working ON my business rather than pushing the buttons and pulling the levers IN my business.
This is NOT fun:
  •    Troubleshooting a messed-up funnel on a Saturday morning (‘cause I cobbled it together with duct tape and bubble gum).
  •   Worrying if any new referrals are gonna come in this month so I can sign a new client. 
  •   Working with clients who don't respect me, my expertise, or my time.
If you're a coach, course / program creator, consultant, industry expert, agency, or sell high-ticket anything, pay close attention to what you're about to learn...
For years, I’ve run ads for online service providers using a standard agency model...

You pay us to set up your paid traffic funnel.

Then, you pay us to optimize and maintain your ads.

And it was great. Businesses paid us up to $7500 per month to manage their ads, and we were super profitable.

Then something started happening.

I’d get on the phone with our clients, after the initial “launch and optimize” phase, and I’d give them really good advice:

“You should stop working with us.”

Yep. I’d tell our clients to stop paying us $7500 per month and just run the ads by themselves.


Because it was the right thing to do.

Within the first couple of months, we’d build a killer sequence, optimize audiences, protect against ad fatigue, and get the whole funnel to a super profitable place.

Leads would start rolling in, clients would make sales, and all went well.

But after that point, the work on our end slowed down.

We’d make a few simple tweaks.

Run loads of daily metrics reports.

Freshen things up a bit as necessary.

And, in the meantime, our clients continued to pay us a MASSIVE percentage of their funnel profits.

So, at that point, one of two things happened:

Either I’d tell them that they should jump ship…

...or they’d run the numbers themselves (and then jump ship).

Not great.

Of course, we tested tons of different payment structures and strategies to keep this offer viable. We tried a high set-up fee and a low monthly retainer, we tried to keep our day-to-day management costs low, we tried only working with businesses with high-profit margins…

...but no matter what, we always ended up in the same place.

It didn’t make much sense for our clients to continue paying us, month after month, year after year.

So, we decided to do right by our clients...
 TL;DR Version: Once an agency gets most businesses up-and-running, 90% of the hard work is done.
Most service providers don’t need to run ads because they get enough clients from organic marketing. 

They like working with referrals. 

They don’t want to (or have time to) learn Facebook Ads. 

(That's where an agency like ours usually picked up the torch and ran their ads, even though it was a waste of money to do so.)

While these are decent reasons... 

...they’re also excuses. 

The type of excuses that sink businesses. 

If you get enough clients from organic marketing, that’s great...

...until Facebook kills your reach, or until you need more clients to reach your goals, or until you no longer want to spend two hours a day on social media. 

If you like getting referrals, that’s great...

...until you hit a few dry months, or until you begin to rely on trust alone (and cease to build “authority equity” or innovate within your market). 

If you don’t want to learn Facebook ads, that’s great...

...but that doesn't mean you can ignore them. 

And this was the biggest point of tension for our agency: Clients didn't want to learn how to do their own ads because they thought it took a ton of time (it didn't) AND we knew we were charging WAY TOO MUCH for such small tweaks.

Deep down, I knew if I could get just one day of training with our clients, I could show them a very simple system they could use to run their own ads in about 15 minutes per week.

Set it up.
Get it going.
Keep it profitable.

We got to a point where we actively worked ourselves out of a job because it was the right thing to do for 80% of our clients.

If you're an online service provider, you don’t need the ridiculously complex funnels that info marketers need (because services sell REALLY well with a simple, two-step “content stack" funnel). 

And you don’t need the interest-layering, audience-building, or retargeting tactics that e-commerce stores rely on (because services are higher-ticket and more profitable than most products). 

And you don’t need to match the big brand ad spend to get attention and get serious ROI (because most service-based businesses only need to land 3-12 new clients per month to hit their dream income goals). 

For service providers, getting killer results with Facebook ads can be really simple

With a two-step funnel that mirrors your current referral-driven sales process... ad campaign that you can set up, start to finish, in less than an hour...

...copy and images designed to mimic organic content (AKA, not look anything like a salesy ad)...

...and roughly $1000 in ad spend per month (we’ve seen people get results with even less)... could land at least 3 new clients every single month. 

That means you could get three EXTRA clients a month, on top of your referral and organic clients, and dramatically increase your income. 

OR, if your current client load is enough for you, you could spend less time on constant content creation—and rely on a single, evergreen, automated ad sequence to bring your clients to you. 

It’s up to you....
 TL;DR Version: Once an agency gets most businesses up-and-running, 90% of the hard work is done.
Ad agencies, Facebook ad courses, and paid traffic managers make big promises...but their promises are IRRELEVANT to service providers, 90% of the time.

“10x your next launch.”
“Get 50 new patients by next week.”
“Quadruple your e-commerce sales.”

Yay. Great. Not what you need.

If you’re a high-level service provider, you need 3-10 perfect clients per month. 

With consistency. With high-profit margins. And without spending two hours a day on social media or $5k a month on ads + agency fees.

And the tactics most ads gurus are hawking won’t get you to that goal. 

→ Their strategies rely on discounts and promos (that you don’t want to offer).

→ Their tactics rely on training the algorithm by creating a HIGH number of conversion per week, (and you only need a small number of quality conversions).

→ Their funnels are built for volume (and you need a funnel that filters).

→ Their mass market campaigns reach “ad fatigue” quickly (while your laser-focused ones, if built right, will deliver results for months with minimal optimization).

So, it’s no surprise if you tried ads and they flopped.

Someone probably told you to use a tactic or funnel that works in other markets—but doesn’t work for your business model.

Or worse, if you hired an agency and didn’t get results, the agency probably doesn’t know how to build and manage “model-based” ads for service providers.

It’s kind of an epidemic right now, unfortunately…

...and that’s why so many online service providers will tell you that “Facebook ads don’t work.”

But that’s not the case.

I’ve built crazy profitable campaigns for dozens of service providers (and they’re actually some of the EASIEST ads to create and run). 

And after reviewing, tweaking, and/or building hundreds of funnels, I can spot the most common gaps and mistakes super quickly—

—and turn a flopped funnel (or an ORGANIC funnel) into a profitable, evergreen sales funnel that consistently delivers 3-10 clients a month. 

So if you’re a busy service provider who’s sick of failed ads and time-consuming organic content creation, and you’d like to bring in at least 3 new clients a month…

...without dropping wads of cash on an ads agency or spending months learning FB ads for yourself…

I’m teaching the EASIEST way for service providers to generate THREE new clients a month with less than $1k in ad spend.
Your special invitation to...
These reasons are why I created the "Sales for Online Service Providers" online mentoring course. 

After overseeing close to $2 million in client ad spend over the last 12 months, and working with New York Times bestsellers, global nonprofits, and dozens of online service's the EASIEST way for me to deliver this valuable content. 

But it’s not just the easiest option for me. It’s also the easiest path to success for you.

So, if you’re a high-end service provider and you’re willing to invest about $1K/month in ads, look over my shoulder as I set up campaigns real-time and show you…

the ONE funnel you need if you want to attract a handful of clients a month, the simple way (no frills, no extras, no complications)

the three-step lead gen process that allows you to SKIP building a massive webinar

the foolproof organic-stacking strategy that will keep your ad costs low (and your ROI high)

→ my go-to process for creating evergreen ads that stand the test of time (so you don’t have to fiddle in Ads Manager every single week)

→ the only 3 metrics you need to track in order to keep your ads profitable and manageable


...I’m teaching it all in a buttoned-up, super slim, only-what's-needed online mentoring course. You get to watch over my shoulder and follow along as I set up a client acquisition system—the same one you'll use for the rest of the year.

By the end of this mentoring course, you’ll walk away with a published ads funnel, a super-simple (super-profitable) client acquisition channel, and a tracking checklist that will allow you to run your ads in less than 15 minutes a week. (All this from a guy who's been running service-based businesses for almost a decade now). 

If you’ve worked with me before, you already know these principles. If not, you need to get started. 

Click below to request your invite. We’ve helped DOZENS of service providers build and implement this process (and get results almost instantly - just check out the stories on this page).

Just think, in less than a week you could have your acquisition funnel DONE and WORKING to bring in all the clients you need...
An outline of the what we'll cover...
Establish a baseline of competency, establish concepts & terms we'll use throughout the training, and get basic campaign building blocks in place for later use. We know the end game, but to get there we have to first work our way backward.
Get your pipeline filled with the right prospects so you can say "no" to the nightmares. Most online businesses never get past this point because they're always thinking, "what if no one else comes along?" Banish the fear. Forever.
Create a process and flow of pre-eminence, from the very first moment a prospect connects with you—so they have no choice but to say 'yes' to you or go with an inferior competitor. Once they're onboard, you'll learn how to make it so they'll never want to leave.
High-quality traffic doesn't come from hacks, tricks, or shortcuts—it comes from knowing your audience and what makes them tick. Stacking organic content with paid traffic. The good news? You don't need to be a copywriting expert to create either.
There's a right way to set up your business's ads for success...and then there's the way everyone else sets them up (including people who should know better). If you want to spend AS LITTLE time as possible on your ads and still manage BIG results, follow this format.
When you launch your ads, there's hundreds of different metrics you could pay attention to. But 97 percent are a waste of time. The goal isn't to confuse you, so we give you the 3-4 essential metrics to monitor your progress in less than 5 minutes per day.
 Digital Dashboard
An exclusive online digital training platform where you'll get access to the "Sales For Online Service Providers" mentoring course. All recordings and materials are available and ready to watch 24/7.
 Agency Asset archive
We've already done all the work so you don't have to. There's a worksheet or template for practically everything: proven ad copy, paint-by-numbers campaign creation, lead gen funnels, how to find warm audiences, etc. You name it, we've already made it for you.
 Private MasterminD
Get coaching and support from our team and other group members throughout the week, in-between modules. You're connected to a living, breathing community of like-minded owners just like you.
 Live Coaching + Q&A
Live, baby. Live. Get real-time feedback. Ask questions specific to your business. Can't make it in-person? No worries. Every training is archived in the Digital Dashboard.
 The Guarantee: "Sales For Online Service Providers" has a full 30-day guarantee so you risk nothing. If you don’t feel like you got value and from the program, just let us know by the end of the first 30 days and we’ll refund you in full.
I know, I know. You might be thinking, this all sounds great, but...what's the catch?

It's real simple: I got tired of seeing smart, intelligent online business owners spinning their wheels and getting stuck either paying high agency fees or missing out on the POWER of Facebook Advertising altogether—always making enough to not have to go get a "real job," but never making enough to get true freedom.

After finding freedom for myself, I decided to build a program around the simple concepts that got me there.

We've shared the "Sales For Online Service Providers" system with dozens of online business owners (you can check out their stories below). They're finally free and more profitable than ever. 

Could you be next?
High praise from some great people...
Brie King, Founder, Elk Media Co.
Brad Davies, Principal, Hatch
Katie Spellman, Spellman Photography
Kyle Reed, Co-Founder, Vinnie Louise
Casey Growmer, Owner, Virtual CMO
James Green, Partner, ActualTech Media
 What's the investment?
The "Sales For Online Service Providers" coaching program is priced in such a way that nearly anyone can participate. PLUS, you can choose a payment plan if you need to space out payments. Our agency commanded up to $7500 per month for our monthly retainer services. But this program is priced well below that to make it a do-able investment for any serious online business owner.
 Do you have a guarantee?
Yes. You're protected by our "100% satisfaction" 30-day guarantee. Here's how it works: if you find yourself dissatisfied for any reason within the first 30 days of your purchase, we’ll give you a FULL REFUND - NO QUESTIONS ASKED.  

(Now, please don’t try this on day 31. This is like sending an empty plate back to the chef. No bueno.)
 Who is this for?
Coaches, consultants, online service providers, course & program creators, experts, entrepreneurs, or anyone else interested in increasing their profits, growing their online business, and getting stellar results from Facebook Advertising.
 Who is this NOT for?
If you're just starting out, this is not for you. If you're comfortable relying on unpredictable word-of-mouth referrals to feed your business every month, this is not for you. if you insist on doing all the work yourself in your business, this isn't for you. Network marketers typically don't see great results, either. If you love to complain and blame others for your problems, you will definitely hate this workshop.
 What topics are covered in SFOSP?
We cover the following specifics in this coaching program:

- Facebook pixel
- Facebook audiences
- Sales/marketing funnel creation
- Facebook ad creation
- Facebook ad metrics
- Ads Manager
- Ad copywriting
- Image selection tons more!
 Is this for beginners or experts?
Both! Not only is this program created as a "zero-to-hero" type training, even the most advanced Facebook ad marketer will be able to take their game to the next level with the trainings, documents, and resources included in this program
 How is SFOSP delivered to me?
Long story short, everything's delivered online via our private digital dashboard. You'll get a login sent to you via email after your purchase. All the modules will be delivered to you in full. You can start learning at your own pace immediately.
 How long do I get access?
You’ll have unlimited access to the material for a full 3 months after your purchase. We make quarterly changes to the program, so if you want continued access after 3 months you'll have the option to maintain access for a greatly reduced rate.
 Will this work for me?
The program is not a silver bullet, but it’s a system that if worked, will lead to results. We have individuals and organizations increase their results by using the principles in this program – just check out their stories all over this page. It doesn’t matter if you just cracked your first 10k month or consistently hit 100k. If you put in the work, Sales For Online Service Providers will work for you.
 What's included in my investment?
The "Sales For Online Service Providers" coaching program comes complete with 6 modules, 5+ hours of over-the-shoulder training and insight, 12+ documents, templates, and cheat sheets, PLUS the peace of mind knowing you can always land 3+ new clients every month with a minimal ad budget and time commitment.
More profits, freedom, and free time is one click away...
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