The Agency Owner's Guide to Working Less, Making More, and Avoiding Nightmare Clients
This is fun:
  •    Getting messages that tell me “you’ve changed my business."
  •   Spending an entire morning writing at a coffee shop, without reaching for my phone once.
  •   Picking up my kids from school every day.
  •   Working ON my business rather than pushing the buttons and pulling the levers IN my business.
This is NOT fun:
  •    Troubleshooting a messed-up funnel on a Saturday morning (‘cause my client thought it’d be a good idea to “just tweak a couple things”).
  •     Opening my email inbox to complaints and cancellation requests. 
  •     Delivering HUNDREDS of leads to a small business client who asked for a full refund the next month...because they couldn’t close a single sale.
Most of the agency owners I know have hit their limit.
They’re doing all the marketing.

All the sales calls.
All the client fulfillment.
All the button-pushing.

Their calendar is a disaster, they’ve hit a stubborn income plateau, and they’re burnt out.

(Haven’t hit this point yet? It’s just around the corner.)

Someday, you want to take your family on vacation without needing to take client calls from your hotel room—but at this point, even taking an entire weekend off feels like a pipe dream.

You know it’s time for something to change, but you’re not sure how.

Wanna raise your prices? You’ll lose your current clients and cut off your cash flow.

Wanna maintain cash flow? You’ll have to stick it out with your nightmare clients.

Wanna streamline your business? You’ll have to take a month off to create the systems.

Wanna hire a team? You’ll be one bad month away from taking out a loan to cover payroll.

Wanna maintain profitability? You’ll be stuck in one-man-band-land forever, working 24/7 just to keep basic campaigns humming along.

It feels impossible to know which levers will make a real difference (and which levers will blow up your business).

A classic lose-lose scenario…

...a scenario that I was stuck in for YEARS.

When you’re in the middle of it, there doesn’t seem to be a way forward, or a way out. To be honest, I can’t tell you how many times I wanted to fire my clients, shut down the entire agency, and walk away from it all.

But now?
  •  My agency easily (and CONSISTENTLY) signs high-ticket, long-term clients.
  •  My agency runs like clockwork, fueled by processes that make client fulfillment stupid simple.
  •  My agency employs a handful of rockstar team members—and maintains killer profit margins.
The best part?

I don’t run any of it.

My full-time Agency Director handles 100% of the day-to-day management responsibilities. My paid traffic specialists handle client results. My account managers keep everything rolling.

When needed, I step in as an advisor or take a couple sales calls.

Most of the time, I’m doing the stuff I love:

Taking my kids to school every morning.

Breaking down paid traffic strategy at a level that 99% of agency owners will NEVER have time for.

Working with agency owners to complete restructure their business—optimizing for client success, lifestyle freedom, and consistent profit.

It's the dream.

But it was a messy process to get here.

And it took me over a decade of detours to finally “arrive.”

Along the way, I lost thousands of dollars, launched offers that never sold, pivoted into dead-end markets, fired team members that had become friends, and invested in mentors that got me nowhere.

And I don’t wish that process on my worst enemy.  

That’s why I’m giving away the goods inside my Borrow My Agency coaching program. 

Rather than you taking 10 more years to gather experience, and rather than buying into the myth of “grind” and “hustle” — I think you can get started building a freedom-driven agency RIGHT NOW. 

And I’d like to help, whether I kickstart the process for you, or accelerate your existing agency.
Your special invitation to...
The entire Borrow My Agency training is designed to give you the only three things you need to run a multi-six-figure agency (and beyond):

Lead Generation. Master your own client acquisition process using the exact same funnel I used to regularly generate five-figures in new client revenue—per month. 

Client Fulfillment. Learn how to get referral-worthy results for clients, every single time, without working long hours (or answering angry messages on the weekends). 

Profitable Systems. Build easy, automated systems for taking care of your clients from start-to-finish (because “luxury automation” is the key to constant referrals, profit-raising retention, and SIMPLE client fulfillment). 

The best part?

You get all of the documents, lists, funnel maps, contract templates, schedules, SOPs, metrics trackers, client emails, and checklists that I’ve used to run my multi-six-figure agency...

...which means I’ve already done the testing, the iterating, and the trial-and-error for you...

...which means you can “copy-and-paste” the stuff that’s worked, and avoid the stuff that hasn’t...

...(this coming from a guy who’s wasted over $100k on worthless masterminds, events, programs, bad hires, and money-draining agency processes). 

The full Borrow My Agency training is waiting for you if you’re ready to take action. 

So yeah...

Keep “run a six/seven-figure agency” on your goal list. 

But don’t let it be a pipe dream. 
An outline of the what we'll cover...
Establish a baseline of competency, establish concepts & terms we'll use throughout the training, and get basic campaign building blocks in place for later use. We know the end game (a kick-ass agency that works without you), but to get there we have to first work our way backwards.
Get your pipeline filled with the right prospects so you can say "no" to the nightmares. Most agencies never get past this point because they're always thinking, "what if no one else comes along?" Banish the fear. Forever.
Create a process and flow of pre-eminence, from the very first moment a prospect connects with you—so they have no choice but to say 'yes' to you or go with an inferior agency. Once they're onboard, you'll learn how to make it so they'll never want to leave.
High-quality traffic doesn't come from hacks, tricks, or shortcuts—it comes from knowing your audience and what makes them tick. Stacking organic content with paid traffic. The good news? You don't need to be a copywriting expert to create either.
There's a right way to set up your agency's ads for success...and then there's the way everyone else sets them up (including people who should know better). If you want to spend AS LITTLE time as possible on your ads and still manage BIG results, follow this format.
Every time you touch a task, make it so you'll never have to do it again. As the agency owner, the goal is to get you working ON your business, not IN it.
 Digital Dashboard
An exclusive online digital training platform where you'll get access to the Borrow My Agency vault for life. All recordings, materials, and interviews are archived and ready to watch 24/7.
 Agency Asset archive
We've already done all the work so you don't have to. There's a worksheet or template for practically everything: proven ad copy, paint-by-numbers campaign creation, lead gen funnels, client onboarding, how to find warm audiences, etc. You name it, we've already made it for you.
 Private MasterminD
Get coaching and support from our team and other group members throughout the week, in-between teachings. This isn't some off-the-shelf, stale online course. You're connected to a living, breathing community of like-minded owners just like you.
 Live Weekly Coaching + Q&A
Live, baby. Live. We teach the material LIVE every week through Zoom, a free online platform where we can see and hear each other in real-time. Get real-time feedback. Ask questions specific to your agency. Can't make it in-person? No worries. Every training is archived in the Digital Dashboard.
 The Guarantee: Borrow My Agency is fully guaranteed so you risk nothing. If you don’t feel like you got value and from the program, just let us know by the end of the first week and we’ll refund you in full.
I know, I know. You might be thinking, this all sounds great, but...what's the catch?

It's real simple: I got tired of seeing smart, intelligent agency owners spinning their wheels and getting stuck in "the limbo zone" with nightmare clients—making enough to not have to go get a "real job," but never making enough to get true freedom.

After finding freedom for myself, I decided to build a program around the simple concepts that got me there.

We've shared the Borrow My Agency system with dozens of digital agency owners (you can check out their stories below). They're finally free and more profitable than ever. 

Could you be next?
High praise from some great people...
Brie King, Founder, Elk Media Co.
Brad Davies, Principal, Hatch
Katie Spellman, Spellman Photography
Kyle Reed, Co-Founder, Vinnie Louise
Casey Growmer, Owner, Virtual CMO
James Green, Partner, ActualTech Media
 What's the investment?
The Borrow My Agency coaching program is priced in such a way that nearly anyone can participate. PLUS, you can choose a payment plan if you need to space out payments. Our agency commanded up to $7500 per month for our monthly retainer services. But this program is priced well below that to make it a do-able investment for any serious agency owner.
 Do you have a guarantee?
Yes. You're protected by our "100% satisfaction" guarantee. Here's how it works: if you come to the training and at the end of week 1 find yourself dissatisfied for any reason we’ll give you a FULL REFUND - NO QUESTIONS ASKED.  

(Now, please don’t try this at the end of week SIX. This is like sending an empty plate back to the chef. No bueno.)
 Who is this for?
This program is for current or aspiring agency owners. That means you have clients, they pay you, and you either have a team or want to build one. No Lone Rangers here. Freelancers aren’t a great fit for my coaching because I’ll push you to work through others instead of doing all the button-pushing and lever-pulling yourself. You’ll get to focus on your Unique Ability—doing what you, and only you, can do. Everything else will go to the people on your team. (And I’ll show you how to build one if you don’t have one yet.)
 Who is this NOT for?
If you're just starting out, this is not for you. If you're comfortable relying on unpredictable word-of-mouth referrals to feed your agency every month, this is not for you. If you insist on doing all the work yourself in your agency, this isn't for you. Bro marketers typically don't see great results...mostly because no one likes them. If you love to complain and blame others for your problems, you will definitely hate this program and shouldn't apply.
 What are the dates?
The next cohort for the Borrow My Agency coaching program launches in Q1 of 2019. To check dates & remaining seat availability, sign up for a Discovery Call today.
 How is BMA delivered to me?
Long story short, everything's delivered online over the 6-week training. There are three elements to the BMA program:

Content: delivered weekly through a live online Zoom training and archived in the Digital Dashboard, along with the Agency Asset Archive.
Community: delivered throughout the program by a private mastermind group.

Connection: access to program founder, Justin Wise and a handful of industry experts, delivered through weekly Q&A sessions and teachings.
 How long do I get access?
You’ll have unlimited access to the material for the duration of program. At the end of the program, you’ll have the option to stay in the community and attend live Q&A calls for a small monthly investment. But just ro be clear, you’ll have unrestricted access to the program materials for as long as you need them.
 What if I miss a live training?
This isn't some stale online course we made back in 2012. Each session is live and custom delivered for the group. That said, we've set it up where all sessions are recorded and placed on the Digital Dashboard. So *technically* you'd never have to show up live if you didn't want to (but what's the fun in that??).
 How does it actually work?
You'll complete the application survey, then book a quick call with our team to make sure everything lines up. (We only accept folks we know will be a good fit for the program.)

Then, once you've made the investment, we'll get you signed up and ready for the first session. The invitation for the first live session will come to you via email. Everything else moving forward will be delivered through the Digital Dashboard + private mastermind.
 What's included in my investment?
During the 6-week program you'll get access to the live weekly trainings, live Q&A sessions with Justin Wise + team, Digital Dashboard, Agency Asset Archive, and private mastermind community.

Once the program concludes, you'll get continued access to the Digital Dashboard.
 Will this work for me?
The program is not a silver bullet, but it’s a system that if worked, will lead to results. We have individuals and organizations increase their results by using the principles in this program – just check out their stories all over this page. It doesn’t matter if you just cracked your first 10k month or consistently hit 100k. If you put in the work, Borrow My Agency will work for you.
 Can I bring my partner / co-founder?
Yes, you may. You need to be on the same page as your partner(s). If you're not, you won't succeed. Please bring them—make an office party out of it. Just make sure to save us a bagel.
More profits, freedom, and free time is one click away...
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