Need some digital marketing help? Let's make it simple.
Digital marketing. What a nebulous, vague term, right?

If you have an Instagram account, does that mean you're a "digital marketer"? If you boosted a Facebook post once, does that count as "digital marketing"? If you paid your cousin Vinny $17 to setup a Geocities website back in 1998, are you in "the game"?

Short answer: no.

Longer answer: digital marketing is more strategy than tactics. Thinking first, acting second. it means taking an offer, product, or service that's already working (read: selling) and getting more eyeballs on it.

To quote a good friend, "good marketing makes a bad product fail faster." Digital marketing can take you from good to great. It cannot take you from nothing to something.

If you're a digital business owner, or want to increase your income or impact online, we've got three flavors of solutions for you to invest in.

If you need the experts (that's us) to do the heavy-lifting for you, that's where our Campaign-in-a-Day comes in.

If you have the capacity to "do the work" yourself, but just need a team to give you the step-by-step systems and processes that will work for you, you'll want to check out our coaching & consulting programs.

Lastly, if you want to keep serving your clients or customers at a high level, but want to work ON your business and not IN your business, the Structure Session is your jam. We'll rebuild your offer and delivery systems in a day, so you’ll never work a sixty hour week again.
 Borrow my agency
The entire Borrow My Agency mentoring program is designed to give you the only three things you need to run a multi-six-figure agency (and beyond). You get all of the documents, lists, funnel maps, contract templates, schedules, SOPs, metrics trackers, client emails, and checklists that I’ve used to run my successful agency. The full Borrow My Agency training is waiting for you if you’re ready to take action. 
 The Structure Session™
If you want to keep serving your clients at a high level, but you’re done putting in extra-long hours for extra-low profits, the Structure Session is for you. 

We’ll rebuild your offer & client fulfillment systems in a day, optimizing for time freedom, sustainability, and profitability. It's our highest level investment for a reason: results come fast and furious.
Plenty of gurus will tell you "set up a funnel once and let leads roll in on autopilot." Um, no. Your ads need daily management. But here’s the good news: YOU don’t have to be the person managing your ads. There's a better way to stabilize your pipeline and get to a place of freedom in your business...simply by letting us equip your team member to handle everything.
If you've been procrastinating about setting up your ads (and you know that paid traffic is the missing link between you and a steady stream of primed leads), it's time to hire our team to set up the simplest, most effective ad campaign—all in a single day.
Hi, I'm Justin Wise, Founder of Think Digital.

I started Think Digital with the belief that marketing your business online didn't need to be so damn difficult. Or scary. Or confusing. If you have the right guide, it's actually pretty simple.

I was on MySpace before Tom was. I signed up for Twitter before it was cool. And after I graduated college in 2003, I hacked my college email address just so I could sign up for Facebook. In short, I've loved the medium since Day One.

If you're tired of wandering around in the digital desert, let us make it simple and show you the way.

To YOUR success,
Here's what actual clients are saying about Think Digital:
"Working with Justin was a great way to bring thoughts and ideas into focus with a distinct action plan to move forward. He brought high-level members from my business together to brainstorm ideas." - Dr. John Townsend, New York Times bestseller
"Justin really took the time to talk through our processes and help us identify our strengths and blind spots, rather than come in and force a pre-determined answer to a problem." - Beth Shelton, Girl Scouts
"Think Digital has provided outstanding digital strategy and creative digital thinking for several key campaigns for top tier authors and partners. The team is professional, responsive, and always looking for ways to grow discoverability, social presence, buzz and sales." - Vice President, Zondervan
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