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What Is The Structure Session™?
Most of my business friends work sixty hour weeks, take their laptops on vacation, answer emails from their phones on date nights, stay up late finishing client work, spend every spare minute chasing new clients, worship Gary Vee, and say stuff like “it’s so hard to hire / delegate / systematize / find good people.”

And I call bullsh*t.

Because all of that is downright unnecessary. 

I've built and sold multiple businesses in less than 5 years without selling my soul. 

I didn’t want to “buy” my business with years of my life (and years of my wife’s and kids’ lives).

It’s just not worth it to me.

So I found a different way (it’s actually not that hard when you clear out the clutter and stop listening to the “Hustle Worshippers”). 

I’ve been working with agency owners and service providers to restructure their operations, set up profit-centered pricing structures, and build processes that basically “work them out of a job.”

It’s not a twelve-week program, year-long mastermind, or anything like that.

It’s just a one-day, side-by-side work session for business owners who want to get their lives back, without taking a pay cut.

Until now, I’ve hosted these one-day Structure Sessions “under the radar.”

I’m pretty stingy with travel time, and—if I can be blunt—these one-on-ones give you a level of access to me that I don’t give out freely. 
But I’ve spoken with too many overworked, underpaid, hair-on-fire business owners to keep this a secret any longer.
Systems, operations, and structure in our business— these aren’t the sexy topics entrepreneurs love talking about. 

But you know what’s sexy?

High profit margins. 
Loving your business. 
Sleeping well at night. 

And those are the things I help client-based business owners tackle during one-day Structure Sessions. 

Sure, I can help you rebuild your lead gen funnel or double your pipeline (and I’ve done both for clients during a single day consulting intensive)...

...but the odds are that our time will be better spent:
  • Finding the hidden pockets of profit in your existing business, so you can take home more cash without changing a thing.
  • Using the 80/20 method to cut the clutter and hone in on the natural ways your business grows (and pouring gasoline on the fire without adding more to your already-full plate).
  • Implementing my Perfect Landing onboarding process, so every single client falls in love with you during the first week (and never wants to leave).
  • Building out processes that allow you to work half as many hours...without hiring another team member (yes, that’s 100% possible).
Past clients use words like "clarifying," "illuminating," and "Justin-you're-a-Gandalf-level-wizard-where-have-you-been-all-my-life!" to describe their Structure Session.

(OK, that last one might be a stretch, but you get the idea.)

We take the challenges and obstacles in your business that seem complex and big and scary and put handlebars around them. 

Make them manageable. 
Who Is The Structure Session For?
If you’re doing 50% or more of the fulfillment work in your business and want a way out, the Structure Session is for you.

You haven’t built your business foundation. You don’t have fulfillment processes, onboarding automation, support SOPs, troubleshooting sequences, culture guidelines, or communication pipelines set up. 

You’re so DONE with fulfillment work and technician tasks that you start to make rash decisions. You kill offers, fire clients, and launch random new products.

You say things like: “I’m never taking on another done-for-you client again.” “I want to quit.” “I hate my business.” “This isn’t worth it anymore.”

The Structure Session is your way out...
  •  If you’re a burnt out service provider…
  •  If you can’t go 12 hours without opening your computer…
  •  If you feel like taking a break (even for a weekend) will result in a revenue plummet...
  •  If you fantasize about burning your business to the ground…
  •  If you don’t know how to get (or serve) clients without active work on your end…
  •  Or even if none of that applies to you but you just know your business has bigger, brighter days ahead...
  •  ...we should probably chat.
How The Structure Session Works
My proprietary Marketing Structure™ ensures every aspect of your business is covered and accounted for.
I only work with a clients who want to spend less time working IN their business and more time working ON their business.
I stand behind my process and the results I provide – your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed (or you don't pay a dime).
 pre-session assessment
Before we meet, we'll send you through our proprietary assessment to make sure no stone goes unturned. We want to uncover your blind spots. Help you find the hidden treasure in your business.
 in-person session
You'll come to Des Moines or, if you'd prefer, we'll fly to you and spend the day 100% focused on your business. The Pre-Session Assessment creates a custom blueprint to make sure we 10x your investment and create massive breakthrough.
 custom action plan
There's nothing cookie-cutter about the Action Plan you'll get after the Session is complete. You'll have a specific, simple, actionable list to work from. No fluff. No nonsense. Just a clear task list to keep the momentum going.
 follow-up coaching
We include a complimentary month of coaching after the Session is complete because, hey, stuff happens. You might get stuck or overwhelmed. No worries. We'll be there to help sort through the challenges and get you moving again.
The Guarantee: Structure Sessions are fully guaranteed so you risk nothing. If you don’t feel like you got value and from the session, just let me know at the end of the day and I’ll refund you in full.
Here's what actual clients are saying about the Structure Session:
"Working with Justin was a great way to bring thoughts and ideas into focus with a distinct action plan to move forward. He brought high-level members from my business together to brainstorm ideas." - Dr. John Townsend, New York Times bestseller
"Justin really took the time to talk through our processes and help us identify our strengths and blind spots, rather than come in and force a pre-determined answer to a problem." - Beth Shelton, Girl Scouts
"This helped us create and implement strategies to find and nurture new clients." - Dr. Zac Watkins, DC, DABCI, CNS
Kyle Reed, Co-founder at Vinnie Louise
James Green, Managing Partner at ActualTech Media
Ryan Wakefield, Co-founder at Leaders.Church
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Check availability and complete your app now...
 What's the investment?
Each Structure Session is high-touch, high-reward. This makes it our highest-level investment. But here's a fun fact: most of our clients make their investment back simply by doing what's on their 90-Day Action List. As such, you might expect to pay $10,000 (or more). But the Structure Session is priced well below that. 

(You can also choose a payment plan if you need to space out payments.) 
 Do you have a guarantee?
Yes. You're protected by our "100% satisfaction" guarantee. Here's how it works: if you go through the Pre-Assessment process and find yourself dissatisfied for any reason we’ll give you a FULL REFUND - NO QUESTIONS ASKED.  

(Now, please don’t try this at the end of the 30-day complimentary coaching. This is like sending an empty plate back to the chef. No bueno.)
 Who is this for?
Coaches, companies, consultants, online service providers, course & program creators, experts, entrepreneurs, or anyone else interested in increasing their profits, working less, building their team, and building a strong(er) foundation in their business.
 Who is this NOT for?
If you're just starting out, this is not for you. If you insist on doing all the work yourself in your business, this isn't for you. If you don't understand how investments work, please don't apply. If you love to complain and blame others for your problems, you will definitely hate this session and shouldn't apply.
 Where does the Session happen?
You'll come to the thriving metropolis of Des Moines, Iowa for your Session (we'll even give you a discount for doing!). Or we can come to you. Either way, it's your call.
 What's included in my investment?
Your Structure Session investment includes: Pre-Session Assessment, In-Person Structure Session, 90-Day Custom Action Plan, 30-Day Complimentary Coaching. 
 Will this work for me?
The Structure Session is not a silver bullet. But it’s a process we've used with over 200 businesses to produce breakthrough results. We help individuals and organizations decrease the complexity and amount of time they spend IN their business, while increasing their profit margins, clarity, and freedom – just check out their stories all over this page. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re an author, speaker, coach, consultant, service provider, marketing director, entrepreneur, small business owner, non-profit leader, or just someone wanting more freedom in your business. The Structure Session will work for you.
 How does it actually work?
You'll complete the application survey by clicking any of the buttons on this page. Then you'll book a quick call with our team to make sure everything lines up. (We only have a limited number of spots each month, so we want to make sure it's a good fit both ways.)

Then, once you've made the investment, we'll schedule your day and begin the process with the Pre-Session Assessment. You will receive an email link to complete the intake survey. Everything else will happen in-person on the day of your scheduled session.
Check availability and complete your app now...
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There are so many social media platforms and
 ways to use them, the task can feel
 overwhelming. You might be asking:
There are so many social media platforms and
 ways to use them, the task can feel
 overwhelming. You might be asking:
Where do I start?

How do I get a bigger audience?

How can we stop spinning our wheels with social media?

How do I measure results?

How do we get people to respond better to the content we’re creating?

How do I generate social media momentum?

How do I properly promote myself without turning people off?
You can listen to the social media gurus, read books, or attend conferences and webinars. 
But what about having one place where you can get access to resources and coaching to help you build a bigger online audience that’s inspired to take action?
You can listen to the social media gurus, read books, or attend conferences and webinars. 
But what about having one place where you can get access to resources and coaching to help you build a bigger online audience that’s inspired to take action?
This step-by-step social media coaching program will give you the tools, resources, and coaching you need to build a bigger online audience and inspire them to take action.
This step-by-step social media coaching program will give you the tools, resources, and coaching you need to build a bigger online audience and inspire them to take action.
Here are the most common questions about Think Digital Academy
Q: How much will this cost?
Think Digital Academy is priced in such a way that nearly anyone can participate.
Q: Do I have to attend anything?
No. Everything is delivered through our online portal system, so you learn at your own pace. You’ll be guided through the teaching, coaching, and resources, but you decide when and where you learn.

Q: How long do I have access to the materials?
You’ll have unlimited access to the material for the duration of course. At the end of the course, you’ll have the option to continue your learning with our Module Maintenance package. For just $9.95/month, you’ll have unrestricted access to the course materials for as long as you need them.
Q: Will Think Digital Academy work for me?
The program is not a silver bullet, but it’s a system that if worked, will lead to results. We have individuals and organizations increase their results by using the principles in this program – just check out the stories all over this page. It doesn’t matter if you’re an author, speaker, communications director, marketing director, entrepreneur, small business owner, non-profit leader, or just someone wanting to get better at social media. Think Digital Academy will work for you.
Q: What exactly do I get with Think Digital Academy?
Register today and you get instant access to:
Video coaching
Audio coaching
Written coaching
Ready-to-use resources that will help you grow your online audience
Monthly training events for up-to-the-minute coaching and resources
Membership into a community of digital learners all over the world
Q: How is everything delivered to me?
By email. You’ll be sent instructions direct to your inbox on how to access the materials through our exclusive online portal.
Q: What if I decide this isn’t for me and want a refund?
You are protected by our 30-day iron-clad money back guarantee. If you go through the materials and feel like it’s not a right fit, we’ll happily refund your money.